So you found out you are a Zaporazzi and you didn't know it.

It’s a passion existent in all of us. We love to Travel, and we love to take photos of places we travel to. If you open up your Instagram app and search #colosseum or #trevifountain, after two or three thumb scrolls down you might notice more than a handful of snapshots of Trevi Fountain that look exactly the same. The same angle, the same frame width and perhaps even the same sunny day. There is an underlying beauty in this sameness. Even though if we have seen photos of Trevi Fountain in magazines, as travellers we have the emotional urge to visit the famous Roman location and take that exact photo ourselves. Because the significance is not the photo taken but the act of travelling to that same spot, experiencing the moment and capturing what we felt when we saw the magnificence of Trevi Fountain for the first time.

There is a strong bond between travellers and famous city structures. We go on journeys for long hours to arrive at those well known locations, so we can meet them personally and take a memorable selfie with them. This passion-driven act of photography can be resembled to the obsession of the Paparazzi with taking photos of celebrities. However what better celebrity figure than the grand Colosseum residing in the eternal city.

If by now you’ve suddenly identified a part of yourself that loves taking photos of cites, then you are a Zaporazzi! ( and you should continue doing what you love )