Our story started with the eternal city

Lets take a trip back to the future where ZAPORAZZI™ started; the eternal city.
As like most of you travellers, we are in love with Rome. There are so many things we can list to prove how romantic this city is, however we all have agreed that it comes down to something we felt in the air.
Sweetness. We followed the sweet taste in the air and it took us on a journey to Piazza Navona to Trevi Fountain, past the Colosseum and into the Forum. By sunset we were head over heels for this city and we had not yet indulged in a single scoop of gelato! 

One of our biggest values at ZAPORAZZI is to find this Sweetness that every city has and present it to the travellers of the world. We understand that sometimes this sweetness can fade for a first time visitor, because we know that travelling to an unknown place can become frustrating. You can easily get lost in the city or simply get lost in translation. 
That is why the design of our products aim to celebrate the
Meet & Greet between a Traveller & a New City. We introduce you to a few special words to let you embrace the language barrier and culture. Travel becomes more exciting when you feel like you are joining the visited environment. 

So if you know a friend who is planning to visit or study in the city of Roma, a Buongiorno Tshirt is the most thoughtful going away gift.

Our City Collections now cover multiple countries; Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal & The Netherlands.

We also have an online Travel Guide to make it easier to plan your trip, Click here