Rome in 24 hours; a local’s guide

The best way to see Rome in 24 hours and experience the true atmosphere, is to walk it!

We have put together a local’s guide to the city. You can also find a short summary of the go-to-places at the end of this page, plus an easy-to-follow route map.


  1. Arrive at the magical Trevi Fountain as early as you can, before the crowds. Legend has it that throwing a coin into the fountain brings good luck and ensures you’ll return to Rome someday. So toss a coin over your left shoulder and make a wish! 
Trevi Fountain
  1. Head towards Piazza Venezia, home to the epic Vittorio Emanuele II Monument commemorating the unification of Italy. This architectural giant is nicknamed “the wedding cake” by the Romans and there’s no denying its wow-factor! 
Piazza Venezia
  1. Take the street to the left of the monument and stroll past the incredible ancient ruins of the Roman Forum. At the end of this impressive promenade you’ll catch a glimpse of one of the seven wonders of the world: the Colosseum, the grand gladiatorial arena still standing after 2000 years!
You can experience the Colosseum's magnificence just by exploring around the outside, (no need to queue to go inside.)
  1. Back at Piazza Venezia, take the street to the right of the monument and climb the majestic staircase to the top of one of Rome’s seven hills, the Capitoline Hill, with piazza designed by the great Renaissance artist and architect, Michelangelo. Try to spot the selfie statue! 
Capitoline Hill
  1. Lunch time! On to Campo de’ Fiori square where you’ll find local bakeries, restaurants, and a fresh produce market. In any bakery “fornaio” around the square, you can order a classic Roman sandwich “panino”. 
Campo de' Fiori
  1. After lunch, it’s time to discover Rome’s most beautiful square, Piazza Navona, originally built on the ruins of an ancient Roman stadium. Much-loved by locals and visitors alike, the square features three incredibly enchanting fountains. 
Piazza Navona
  1. Delve into the cobblestone laneways in the heart of Rome’s historic centre, following one of the city’s most charming streets, Via del Governo Vecchio, you’ll taste some of the best gelato in Rome. 
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  1. Make your way to the river via picturesque Via Giulia until you hit the Ponte Sisto bridge. Crossing over you’ll find yourself in Piazza Trilussa, the gateway into Rome’s most characteristic neighbourhood, Trastevere, famous for its medieval streets, authentic food and nightlife. 
  1. Head right into the heart of Trastevere to Piazza di Santa Maria, which takes its name from the Basilica at the top of the square, one of the oldest churches in Rome. Just off the square you’ll find some great local restaurants along Via della Paglia. Buon appetito!
Tiber River
  1. Round off your evening by taking a romantic stroll along the river to one of Rome’s hidden gems, the Tiber Island. This boat-shaped river island creates a dramatic river cascade on each of its banks and features the ruins of a Roman stone bridge older than the Colosseum.

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24 hours in Rome Tour Map
  1. Trevi Fountain
  2. Piazza Venezia
  3. Colosseum
  4. Capitoline Hill
  5. Campo de’ Fiori
  6. Piazza Navona
  7. Via del Governo Vecchio
  8. Zaporazzi Roma
  9. Trastevere
  10. Via della Paglia
  11. Tiber Island