Top 10 Italian words to get you in the mood for your Italy trip

Learning a handful of Italian words can completely transform your trip to Italy! We've selected our top 10 favourite words to make you feel Italian.


Buongiorno = Good morning / Good day

Pronounced “Bwon-Jorno”

The best way to greet someone in Italy! You can use it with anyone you encounter, shop assistants, waiters, taxi/uber drivers. You can use it all day until 4pm.



Grazie = Thank you

Pronounced “Graht-see-yeh” 

The most important and most commonly mis-pronounced word. In Italian, every letter is pronounced, so the “E” on the end of the word is pronounced “EH”, and the “Z” is pronounced “TS”, (just like the "Z" in pizza) so go ahead and pronounce Grazie like a pro.



Prego = You’re welcome / Come on in / How can I help you?

Pronounced “Prey-go” 

You will hear this word A LOT! It will be said back to you after you say “Grazie”, and when you are being welcomed into a store or restaurant. You might even hear it at the ticket office to call the next in line. “Prego” is a true multi-tasker.



= Yes

Pronounced “Sea”

You don't always have to nod your head in agreement, the simple word to say when you want to say Yes. 



Ciao = Hi / Hey / Bye

Pronounced “Chow”

The most famous Italian word! But be careful to use it at the right occasion. This informal greeting is used only amongst friends and family to say Hi and Bye. You will also hear it used to say “Bye bye” by doubling it up as “Ciao ciao”



Mi scusi = Excuse me / Sorry!

Pronounced “Me - skoo-zee”

Often shortened to just “scusi” for when you need to ask someone a question or for when you bump into someone accidentally in a crowd.



Buonasera = Good evening

Pronounced “Bwona-sarah”

In Italy you use this greeting from 4pm onwards, right until the end of your night.



Perfetto!  = Perfect!

Pronounced “Per-fet-toe”

You can use it to describe a tasty meal, a fantastic outfit, or anything that made you happy.



Amore = Love

Pronounced “Ah-mo-reh”

The one and only phrase to describe Italy, "That's Amore". For when you start feeling nostalgic listening to the Dean Martin song of the same name.


And finally...


Arrivederci = Bye / See you soon

Pronounced “Ah-riveh-der-chi”

This one gets you extra points with the locals, especially if you can roll your “Rrrrrrrs”. Don’t be shy and and roll that tongue!

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